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This is a course that is designed for photographers who want to move on from the basics of SLR photography but don’t want to go down the professional path.

The skills and techniques learned will vastly improve the visual appeal of your photographs and give you a grounding for further improvements in the future.
It is a 8 week course (6 evenings and 2 Sunday afternoons) which includes 2 practical outdoor field trips.

Lesson 1
Basic SLR camera control and technique
Exposure accuracy and compensation
Understanding histograms
Controlling white balance creatively
Focal length and perspective

Lesson 2
What to look for in a great location
Skies and weather
Why viewpoint is important
The art of photographic composition
The art of controlling light

Lesson 3
Mastering outdoor lighting
Mastering indoor lighting
Using flash effectively

Lesson 4
Creative use of long exposure techniques
Adding emotion to your images
Shooting in challenging conditions
Capturing movement in a still image
The most useful accessories
Quality Black & White
The art of Infra red photography

Lesson 5
Field trip for practical shooting experience.

Lesson 6
Effective portrait techniques
Environmental Portraits
Posing techniques
Shooting a model portfolio
Tips for flattering your subject
Using light for effective people shots

Lesson 7
Field trip for practical shooting experience
Model supplied

Lesson 8
Image upload and storage
What photo editing software to use
Image optimisation & manipulation in photoshop
Printing your images
The best photographic accessories to have


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